Bee Pollen

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Bee Pollen

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Directions for daily use:

Start with 8 granules daily for the first 7 days. Double the number of granules every seven day cycle thereafter until you reach a teaspoon. Continue to take a teaspoon every morning with you favorite breakfast snack. Take  a 30 day break every 6 months.

2 reviews for Bee Pollen

  1. Mike

    Could you share your knowledge of Royal Jelly?

    • mark

      Sorry but I am not in favor of RJ.
      Basically is the Eggs/Larva in the first 48 hours. By the way most of RJ comes from China.
      My favor is Bee pollen and Propolis witch have more benefits.

  2. Trevor

    What is the difference between Bee pollen and Propolis ? . I want to start taking one or the other for health benifits / allergies. Thank you

    • mark

      Bee pollen it is a multi vitamins
      Propolis is untie inflammatory.

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