Meet Beekeeper Mark Fratu.

Beekeeping is more than a job for Scottsdale resident beekeeper Mark Fratu. It is a passion. Mark’s father and his brother were beekeepers before him. “It must be in the blood,” chuckles Mark. In 2006 I borrowed a box from a local beekeeper and placed it near my garden beside a sage bush. Within a week, the bees came. They must have loved me.” Mark shares with a smile. That first hive was just for Mark’s personal use. It wasn’t until 2008 that Mark decided to go into beekeeping full-time.

Mark now personally cares for thirty beehives year round. Mark keeps both European and Africanized killer bees. He houses the hives in select locations throughout the Scottsdale and Phoenix area to ensure his bees have access to the Arizona flora needed to produce quality honey product. His bees are always naturally fed; he never supplements with man-made syrups as some beekeepers resort to doing, especially in the off seasons. “My honey is the most exotic you’ve tasted,” shares Mark. It is raw, unfiltered and NOT pasteurized. The bees are not fed any byproduct: sugar, corn syrup, etc.”

Mark and his family personally use all of the honey products they produce:

  • Four varieties of organic honey
  • Bee Pollen*
  • Propolis*
  • Queen Jelly*
  • Honey with Ceylon cinnamon*

*Medicinal honey products have been used traditionally to help with arthritis, colds, flu, cholesterol, weight loss, fatigue, digestion, infections, and more.

Come meet Mark at one of the many local, Arizona farmer’s markets. Learn more about Mark’s bees and sample his honey products.

Mark is available to remove bee hives from local homes and businesses. If you are in need of bee removal services, contact Mark at 480-980-1171. Please exercise great caution around any bee hive you find near your premises. The Africanized bees, in particular, can be extremely aggressive and need to be removed by a professional.

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