Why I was FORCED to increase honey prices!

Recently I was forced to increase honey prices by 25%. Watch the video below to learn why.

  1. It looks like the beginning of this video is missing. That must be where you tell us why you had the price increase. You say something about corn syrup and fructose? You say bees produced half the honey. Is that the reason? Why did they produce only half? I love the results of the allergy honey and hope it doesn’t get any more expensive !

    • For some Reason The Bees did not produces honey like un the previous year.
      I harvest less than 1/2 of normal. Most of the Beekeeper start feeding the bees with
      Corn syrup or Hi Fructose I don’t do noting, I Rader have no Honey or less then FEED the BEES.
      Thanks for let me know about the video I will try to do something about.

      • Thank you for this information. It seems there are problems all over the country with a declining bee population. Hope things improve here for you and your bees.

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