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Allergy Pollen Mix is a combination of several key honey products which serve  as a natural antidote for allergy sufferers.

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Allergy Pollen Mix is a combination of several key honey products which serve  as a natural antidote for allergy sufferers. "Ninety percent of people believe that honey is made from pollen, which is known to help allergies," shares beekeeper Mark Fratu. "It is not. Honey is made up of approximately five percent pollen. To be potent enough to ward off allergies, I must infuse the honey directly with pollen. That is what I do with the Allergy Pollen Mix. One hundred percent of my customers who take my it see a reduction in their allergy symptoms. I have doctors and medical professionals who come to me for this honey product."  This powerful natural medicinal mix includes:

  • Summer Flower Honey
  • Desert Flower Honey
  • Bee Pollen
  • Propolis
  • Queen Jelly

Recommended  Use: Take 1  teaspoon of the Allergy Pollen Mix in the morning on an empty stomach, one half hour before breakfast.  The Mix may also be taken in a small mug of lukewarm water, like a tea. (Avoid adding the mix to hot water, which will kill the enzymes so medicinally beneficial).

3 reviews for Allergy Pollen Mix

  1. Greg Yates

    I can’t speak to the Allergy Pollen Mix’s definable anti-allergy effectiveness, though I have had no allergy symptoms this season. And I also regularly enjoy a pinch of Mark’s pollen. What I can absolutely boast to is the incredible delight both my grand daughter & I have in slowly letting just a little in a spoon of this treat of all treats dissolve in our mouths – this is a heaven on earth moment… This & Mark’s Desert Flower honey (the only products of his I’ve bought so far) also seems a good bit richer, sweeter & thicker than other honey local grow producers products that I’ve tried. Luv’n it!

    • mark


  2. Greg Yates

    Oops, That last sentence should have read: … & thicker than the honey from other locally grown producers that I’ve tried.

  3. Camille Priest

    I took 1 tbsp every morning for a while. Now I have zero allergies. Zero sinus infections. I don’t have to take it every day anymore, just mix it into things now and then or will take a spoon full if I know the weather is about to change. Pricy but so worth it as a natural cure. I also think this could be something that helped me get pregnant! I recommend this honey to everyone in AZ who suffers from allergies. It also tastes like jolly ranchers to me! Mmmm.

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